Our most requested features are finally here!

What’s new?

1). Direct Bank Transfer
2). Top-up by card
3). Auto top-up
4). Adding receipts & notes to your transactions

Let’s explore them one-by-one

1). Linking your bank account


You can now top up your Neat Account more easily by linking an existing Hong Kong bank account to your Neat account. Simply press “Top Up” -> “Direct Bank Transfer” to fill out your bank account details.

The first time you set it up, it will take around 1 to 2 weeks for your bank to verify and approve (you can only link a bank account opened in your own name). After, you’ll be able to top up your Neat Account for free from within the Neat App, set up recurring top-ups or even automatic top-ups when your Neat Account balance is low. This means you’ll never have to login to your traditional online banking again 🙂

You can read more precise instructions in our FAQ

2). Top-up by card

You can now also top up your Neat account with any Hong Kong or foreign card. Card top-ups are instant and super easy. Just press “Top Up” -> “Top up by card” and take a picture or type in the details of your card. Do note that as we get charged to accept card payments, there is a fee for topping up by card. You can see the exact fee in the app (based on the actual amount you want to top up) or you can find the formula in our FAQ.

3). Auto top-up 

You can now set up auto top-ups to seamlessly add funds to your Neat account. You can trigger auto top-ups when your balance falls below a certain amount. The funds will be taken either from your connected bank account or card. Bank account top-ups will be free, but do take into account it takes 3-4 days before the funds are in your account.

4). Adding receipts & notes to your transactions


Freelancers and entrepreneurs, we’ve heard you! Besides our product for business (Neat Business) that is about to go live, we’ve now also added the ability for you to add receipts and notes to your transactions to ease your expense management and help you keep track of your spending. Just click into any transaction in your Transactions timeline to add details.



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