The Christmas holidays are coming up and that means a perfect chance to try out your Neat account abroad. Neat is accepted anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted and on top of that, it offers one of the best exchange rates in Hong Kong. To make sure you’ll have a smooth trip, here are 5 tips that will help you.

1). Top up your account

Make sure to top up your account before you leave Hong Kong. Our cash deposit top-ups are only available in Hong Kong. While you can make an online transfer from anywhere in the world, we have all experienced the ‘joys’ of forgetting our security device, which most Hong Kong banks require you to use to make an online transfer.

Get the free Neat MasterCard for worldwide online and offline shopping and get the best exchange rates




2). Check out our awesome security features

One of the reasons why we love to travel with a Neat Card is because of its security features. If you turn on your push notifications, you will receive a real-time notification after every transaction; and if you don’t have access to internet, you can also opt to get SMS notifications instead. Moreover, you can easily block your card from within the app in seconds (and unblock it too, in case you happen to find it back!).

3). Use local currency and save $$$

Especially in high-end hotels or restaurants, the staff may ask you if you would like to be charged in Hong Kong dollar or the local currency. We strongly recommend you to use the local currency, as in that case the competitive MasterCard exchange rate will be applied. If you’re charged in HKD, the retailer uses their own exchange rate, and this will almost always be worse.

Make sure to also check your notifications or the app, as we’ve come across cases where the customer requested to be charged in local currency, but the hotel still charged in Hong Kong dollars. If you’re quick and report it right away, the hotel can easily cancel the transaction.

4). Don’t accidentally lock your card

As we take our security very seriously, there are some instances in which your card may get locked for security reasons. Especially when you’re traveling and relying on your Neat Card this can be frustrating. The most common reasons why a card may get locked are:

  • Too many consecutive failed transactions due to insufficient balance (so make sure to have enough funds in your account).
  •  Using an incorrect PIN too many times, for example at an ATM or transfer to your friend. If you forgot your PIN, you can easily reset it in the Profile of the App.

Of course if your card does get locked, you can contact us and we will help you out.

5). Ask for the hotel / car rental bill

If you are using services that require a deposit, make sure that when you leave, to ask for a bill that shows the actual amount that has been charged. Of course Neat will make sure that if the hotel is refunding your deposit, it will get back to your account, but if you do not have any receipts it can take a while (more info). If you send us your receipt, we will be able to help you out much more quickly.

Happy travels!




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