With the summer holidays around the corner, what better time to highlight some of Hong Kong’s hottest travel startups? From companies that help you plan your trip to those that help you save $$$, Hong Kong is host to many great travel startups!

1. Klook

One of Hong Kong’s most successful startups is travel-focused Klook. On their website you will be able to find your essentials – think SIM Cards & train tickets -, as well as tickets for anything you might want to do for fun. The best thing? All of it is offered at discounted prices! Even though Klook was only founded in 2014, it managed to expand rapidly, and you will now be able to find deals for many destinations worldwide.

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2. TravelFlan

Who wants to waste time researching a destination for hours, if there is someone you can simply ask about anything? In this case, that someone is TravelFlan‘s smart travel bot that is available on Facebook Messenger. You no longer have to research or open all types of apps, as you can simply ask the bot what the best restaurants are or how to get from A to B, and it will tell you!

3. Rent a Suitcase

Rent a suitcase does more than its name might suggest. Not only can you rent a suitcase, which you probably already own anyway, you can also rent GoPro’s, drones, cameras and portable WiFi. If you want to rent out your gear while you’re not using it, Rent a Suitcase facilitates that too. Perfect for those living by Rent a Suitcase’s motto: “Own Less. Travel More.”

4. HotelQuickly

If planning your trips months in advance isn’t your thing, check out HotelQuickly. Here you’ll find many last minute hotel deals all across Asia. The app makes finding great deals easy & fun!


For those that want to turn their 2 week travels into a full-time lifestyle, NomadList is the place to check out. With more and more jobs allowing for remote work, the digital nomad lifestyle is gaining in popularity and NomadList is your place to connect to other (aspiring) nomads and get access to all of the resources you may need to get started and pick your next location(s).

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