So you’ve been in Hong Kong for a little while and you’ve ticked off all tourist sights. Or you’re a visitor who likes to do things that are off the beaten track. It’s time to start exploring!

Home Cooking Experienceplateculture

PlateCulture – PlateCulture allows you to dine at a local’s home restaurant. From amateur chefs to renowned chefs that decided to trade in the restaurant kitchen for a private one. The platform caters to everyone’s taste! And since Hong Kong is such an international city, don’t expect too much “local-local” food, but rather cuisines from all over the world by people that now call Hong Kong home.

BonAppetour – BonAppetour offers a similar experience of dining at a local’s house. It’s a global website so you can try it out when you’re traveling as well. You should browse through both platforms to find something you like, but BonAppetour’s offering at the moment is a little more limited compared to PlateCulture.

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Tour with a local

See a different side of Hong Kong and discover some spots only true locals would know about with a tour from Sam the Local. These tour guides won’t take you to the usual tourist destinations like The Peak or Ladies Market but rather show you some hidden gems while telling you all about Hong Kong. Perfect when you’re new in town, have a visitor over or just want to explore.

Party with a local 

The Party with a Local app allows you to connect with people from all over the world who have one thing in common: they love partying. The app is most popular in Europe and the US but is growing in Hong Kong too. So when you’re traveling abroad or new to Hong Kong and want to avoid tourist traps and rather, well, party with a local, check it out!

Art Experience


Did you know the street art you pass by every day might be a masterpiece from a world famous artist? Accidental Art offers several art tours, one of them being a street art tour through Sheung Wan. A great way to explore the neighborhood or – if you’ve already seen some of the art works – hear the stories behind the artworks.

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