Almost 2 months a go we hosted our first event where we signed up around 30 users. After a few months of hard work it was an exciting, fun and a little nerve-wrecking moment for us. During the first event we had the usual hiccups, but luckily we have amazing users and everyone was excited to try out Neat. We repeated these type of events a few times and we currently have around 200 users testing our App & Card.

Over the past weeks, we’ve received lots of feedback through surveys, e-mail, on our community forum and by talking to our users. For instance, we hosted a session where we invited a few of our users to give us feedback and come up with new ideas.


Of course we don’t just talk to our users; our developers have worked hard to make lots of improvements over the past weeks. We are now at a stage where we are starting to slowly send out invites to our waiting list and below are some of the things we’ve been working on.

Open a current account in 10 minutes on your phone and get a MasterCard to shop online & offline. Sign up for our waiting list.




One of the most requested feature was to enable users to make payments to other Neat users easily. We have just released this function on Android 😁. You can simply type in an amount and send it to any of your contacts. We will release Payments on iOS soon.

P2P_EDM_Img (1).jpg


One of the major things we decided to focus on first was improving our onboarding. While our current users may not see much of it, it’s super important to us. Because no matter how amazing we make our app, if people have trouble signing up they will never find out.


One of the things we improved is the test in the app where we check if someone is human and not a robot or a picture. At first we did this by letting users smile, but having had 100+ users try it, it turned out it wasn’t a great experience. Therefore we’ve now changed it to blinking twice. It’s faster & easier. The new method is already released on Android and will be on iOS in the coming 2 weeks.

Moreover, there is no longer a need for users to provide their address proof. This is implemented on Android and will be on iOS in the next release. Another important point of feedback we got is to make it more clear why we need users’ passports and what we will do with your information. We have now clearly explained this in the app.

Of course we have also made many small changes and fixed a lot bugs.


Work in Progress

Linking Bank Account

The next major feature to be released will be linking your bank account so you can top up your account more easily and set up auto top-ups all without having to leave the Neat App.


We have received many messages from you that the SMS messages are redundant and annoying. We need to ask you to have a little more patience, but we will make sure to change this.


Medium & long term features

When it comes to the longer term it gets a bit harder to predict what will happen, as of course we’re a startup and that means we’re flexible and want to build what you, our user, wants. But here are some of the things we’re thinking about (no guarantees!)


There is a lot more we can and want to do in terms of helping you stay on top of your budget. For example a major feature we want to build over the coming months is the ability to set spending targets, in general and per spending category and have the Neat App help you stay on track.

Traveling with Neat

We found out that our users LOVE to travel, so we absolutely want to make sure the Neat Card is a great travel companion. While we aren’t yet sure how we are going to realize this exactly, some of the features suggested by users or thought of by our team are showing our FX rates in the app, showing the balance in the local currency based on your location, having a multi-currency card or allowing VAT returns on the Neat Card.

What would you like to see in the Neat App? Please send us a message or post it in our community.

Open a current account in 10 minutes on your phone and get a MasterCard to shop online & offline. Sign up for our waiting list.


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