Valentine’s day is almost coming up ❤  And while it’s a great excuse to try a new place with your SO, it also means most nice restaurants in Hong Kong have “special” menus that can easily cost over HK$1,000 per couple. Don’t want to spend a fortune? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are some Valentine’s day ideas that (for the most part) won’t break the bank.

Dinner & Drinks


Pizza Date

Who needs fancy food when there is pizza? Either go for a romantic heart-shaped pizza at Motorino (HK$100+) or buy a Groupon for delicious Neapolitan pizza from Ciao Chow (available for limited time only). At only HK$66 this is a great deal if you’re on a budget and it’s tasty too!

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Home cooking

What’s more romantic than a home cooked dinner prepared with love? Of course you can simply go to a supermarket and buy the ingredients, but if you want something different try out Secret Ingredient. You will get all ingredients necessary to cook a chef-worthy dinner delivered to your home, including instructions on how to prepare the food. It’s food you probably won’t cook for yourself everyday, so great for a special occasion. Of course, because of the service they provide it’s not the cheapest option, but hey it’s only V-Day once a year.


Rooftop chillings

HK’s mesmerizing skyline forms one of the best romantic backdrops to any date. And there are more than enough spots where you can hang out, enjoy the view and don’t need to spend much. Sit at the IFC Podium or drink a beer alongside one of the central piers. If you don’t mind spending a little and want to try a new bar, get a drink at the newish rooftop bar SKYE that gives you great views over the harbor and is perfect for a romantic evening.

Something different


Dim Sum Workshop

If you’re on a less tight budget and want to try something different, learn how to make cute-looking rose buns and pineapple love birds followed by an afternoon tea set & prosecco at Yum Cha (HK$1,100 per couple). A unique experience to share with your loved one.

Love in the Dark

Dialogue experience is a social enterprise giving you a unique experience and at the same time providing people with visual impairments with jobs. They offer dinner in the dark, a tour in the dark or a Love in the Dark tour. The Love in the Dark event is a specially designed experience for couples. It consists of interactive games in order to increase the understanding and communication between couples. This remarkable experience will allegedly help you bring back the feelings of first love! (HK$280 per person, currently a buy one get one free promotion).

Comedy Workshop

If you want to discover a new side of your SO or yourself, why not try a comedy workshop! This will surely get you out of your shell and make you have some fun together. A little embarrassing at times? Maybe. But that means great bonding and memories for a life time. (HK$500 per person)

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