I am a full-time undergrad interning at a start-up. This is the optional academic semester, so I am just interning and I spend the rest of my time going around Hong Kong and hanging out with my friends. Although I have plans to do fun activities this month, I also need to stick to a tight budget. This is where Neat helps me immensely 🙂


8:00am – I find it hard to wake up on time, but because of the internship I need to stick to a schedule and hence I wake up pretty early (at least as per my standards). Got all dressed in time for me to leave and start the 90ish minute commute to Cyberport.

9:30am – I grab my breakfast from the 7/11 at the Kennedy Town MTR station. Usually a sandwich and coffee; $30HKD. From here I take the mini-bus to Cyberport.

1:00pm – The team usually has lunch at 1:00. There are plenty of options at Cyberport, but today we decided to go to Delaney’s i.e. an Irish pub. I had the Shepherd’s Pie, it wasn’t amazing; as part of the internship work pays so it doesn’t really count – $148HKD

6:20pm – I head back home around 6pm every day. I take the shuttle bus from Cyberport to Hang Hau. I had dinner at a Korean place; and then took the mini bus from Hang Hau to HKUST. $50HKD

10:00pm – Obviously, had to wake up early the next day as well so called it a night!

Transport Expenses – $43.60 HKD
Total – $123.60 HKD

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8:00am – The same old routine. Woke up and rushed for work.

9:30am – Had breakfast at the Kennedy Town MTR station (7/11 again -_-). That day I felt like having something better, so had the Starbucks packaged coffee with the regular sandwich. $40HKD.

1:00pm – After a lot of work, it was finally the lunch time. We all headed to Le Meridian for salad lunch buffet. It was pretty good to be honest, a must try! $108.90HKD – work pays

6:00pm – I had to see a friend for coffee. So instead of taking the shuttle bus to Hang Hau, I had to go to Kennedy Town. We went to LEX Coffee, amazing place and I had White Iced Chocolate for the first time. YUM! $99HKD 

9:30pm – I had dinner at McDonald’s, the only place that was open on campus at this late hour. $52HKD.

11:00pm – Had to complete some internship related work, nevertheless was still on time for bed!

Travel Expenses $52.80 HKD
Total $243.8 HKD


8:30am – I left a little late from campus, I had to visit the Wan Chai MasterCard office at 9:30.

12:00noon – I had my usual breakfast at the Kennedy Town MTR station; $40HKD and then took the mini bus to Cyberport.

1:00pm – It was lunch time again! We headed to a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant this time around. I ordered the Green Curry with steamed rice and iced Coconut milk (I love coconut btw). Decent food and only costed $75HKD! – work pays

6:30 – Again I had to see a friend over coffee. It was her treat plus she got me home cooked food for dinner! This is what friends are for, right? 😛

10:00pm – It was a tiring day at work, called it an early night.

Travel Expenses $43.60 HKD
Total $83.60 HKD


8:30am – I snoozed off my alarm way too many times and was late at starting for work. But I had a spring in my step, my friends were coming back from their Vegas trip that day. This was gonna be a long, fun night!

10:00am – The usual breakfast at K-Town 7/11, $40HKD.

1:00pm – So, I heard from a friend who was interning nearby and we decided to have lunch together. Delaney’s, it was and I ordered the Pork Ribs. The best ribs that I have had in a long-long time. $148HKD – work pays

8:30pm – I had reached my room and my friends were there already. We started by ordering Pizza. Luckily there was a one-on-one offer at Pizza Box – $170HKD and we were going dutch. This was followed by 6 hours of FIFA marathon. $60 HKD

2:30am – Playing sports does make you hungry, even though it was virtual. We headed to Kowloon City, which has a Thai restaurant that is open till 5 in the morning. My budget was going haywire and we also had to take the taxi for our commute.

3:10am – Ordered 7 dishes for 3 people. It was a lot of food, and we ended up spending about $200HKD

4:40am – We reached back. I barely had time to catch up with a few hours of sleep. 

Travel Expenses $43.60 HKD
Total $348.60 HKD


9:00am – I was super late. I did not snooze my alarm, because I did not set any. I was running very late for work but gladly it was the last working day of the week.

12:30pm – I reached work late and had also skipped my breakfast, so I was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 1.

1:10pm – It was lunch time finally. Everyone decided to go to the food court. We ordered from Pepper Lunch, $90HKD. – work pays

7:00pm – I had to see my friends at Tsim Sha Tsui for dinner. We had planned to go to an Indian restaurant, but ultimately ended up feasting at Hungry Korean. $110HKD

8:00pm – We took the cab on our way back, duh! Apparently, they were very tired after having done nothing the whole day. Another $70HKD.

8:40pm – It was a long day, and I was short of sleep and I unknowingly dozed off!

Travel Expenses – $106.40 HKD
Total – $216.40 HKD


11:30am – Finally the weekend. Had a nice long sleep and then had various plans throughout the day. Started with a brunch that was at McDonalds (Really unhealthy, would not recommend). $40HKD.

1:00pm – We had planned to go to the AIA Carnival.

3:45pm – The entry ticket is a $125HKD and I had to pay for my friends as well.  Fortunately, I paid through my Neat card and the real-time transaction record would ensure that they pay me back. Phew! $325HKD

8:30pm – We ended up topping up our carinval card plenty of times and spent loads of money. We headed to Lan Kwai Fong! $850HKD

9:00pm – Had Mexican food and chicken skewers for dinner. It was turning out to be an amazing day. Some drinks here and there and finally ice cream to top everything up! $355HKD.

12:30am – Taxi back home! Fantastic day, needed a good night’s sleep.

Travel Expenses – 74.70 HKD
Total – 1644.70 HKD


12:30pm – I felt different today… I felt broke! Plus, I did not feel at my best. Probably some hangover from last night. It seemed manageable though. Took some meds and slept again.

3:00pm – Woke up, felt better. Was tired of eating out so decided to cook breakfast. Okay, yeah I didn’t cook – I had cereal.

4:30pm – I had to get some currency exchanged and apparently Tsim Sha Tsui is the best place to get it from. I was off!

5:30pm – So with the currency exchanged I was supposed to head back. Came across an American Eagle Outfitters outlet, and I just couldn’t resist. Four T-shirts and a sweater, although I was over budget for the month, but never mind. It felt good: D

Cost of feeling good – $749 HKD

7:00pm – Was super hungry so headed to an Indian restaurant for dinner. At the end of the day, come on, we know Indian food is the best. I was set back another $165HKD.

8:30pm – I was back on campus. My friends came over and we were in for another FIFA marathon.

11:00pm – It was pretty late so there was almost nothing on campus. We headed to 7/11 for a quick late night snack. Another $35HKD.

11:50pm – The weekend was over! Time just flew past. Another week was approaching and had to get up early for work. Life is hard, but at least there is Neat that makes budgeting easier!

Travel Expenses –  $39.80 HKD
Total – 988.80 HKD



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