Soon moving to Hong Kong or just arrived in this concrete jungle and feeling a little lost? We’re sure the tips below will help you sort out all practicalities and have fun after!


Finding a Home

The first thing to worry about if you’ve just landed is finding a place to live. While housing is expensive it’s not too hard to find a house in Hong Kong quickly. If you want to share, the best place is the FindYourRoomInHongKong Facebook group. Find Apartments and Studio Flats is another good Facebook group for housing. Websites to get started are 591, Spacious & Squarefoot. Other than that there are many property agents all over Hong Kong, but do expect to pay a fee.

Buying your essentials

If it’s your first time in Hong Kong, you may experience a bit of a culture shock or feel overwhelmed by all of the tall buildings. But some things are exactly the same as at home! Take a trip to IKEA (store locator) where you can stock up everything you need for your newly found home. Other must-haves when you land are a local SIM card – most telcos offer fairly similar deals – and the Octopus card that lets you pay for public transport and can be bought at any MTR station.

Holding_mobile_1 (1).jpg

Managing your finances

One of the reasons we founded Neat is that it can be a real trouble for newly arrived expats to open a bank account and once you’ve opened one you soon realize that Hong Kong seems to be years behind the rest of the world. Moreover, it is often difficult to get a credit card right when you land without any credit history and Hong Kong’s ATM cards don’t let you shop online :(. With Neat you can open a current account in 10 minutes from your mobile phone and receive a prepaid MasterCard, which can be used globally, online and offline. Sign up for our waiting list here.

A fully mobile current account. No more branch visits! Join our waiting list to get the free Neat Card and App.



Meeting People

Now that you’ve got all your essentials sorted, it’s time to relax. HK is one of the easiest cities to meet new people. Great places to start are Meetup, Couchsurfing or Internations, all of them have many expats and which one you’ll like most will depend on your interests, age and personality. Meetup has the most diverse user base as it hosts groups from rock climbing to eating to board games; at Couchsurfing events you’ll meet a mix of locals that love traveling/backpacking and travelers;  and Internations tends to host a slightly older and more professional crowd compared to the other two. You can also check out the popular GeoExpat forum to meet some friends or join a Global Social Networking event.


Enjoying the City


All settled in? Besides the tourist attractions, which are a must-visit for new arrivals, good places to get your information and find out about the city’s hottest spots are TimeOut (food & culture), Sassy (food, fashion & lifestyle) , Foodie (food, duh) & LifeStyle Asia (fine dining & culture). And when you’ve had enough of all the food & drinks, Hike Hong Kong will help guide you to Hong Kong’s most beautiful spots in nature!

Want a prepaid MasterCard for online & offline shopping shopping? Join our waiting list to get the free Neat card and app.





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