1. Easy set-up & no more branch visits

You can sign up for Neat through the app. The registration process takes just 10 minutes and there’s no need to visit a branch to set up your account.

2. Online shopping

The prepaid Neat MasterCard allows you to shop online. As ATM cards in Hong Kong don’t work for online shopping, Neat is great if you don’t have a credit card. As the Neat card is a prepaid card, there’s no risk of getting into debt or be charged any overdraft fees.


3. Budgeting

Neat makes budgeting easy. The app automatically categorizes all your expenses so you can see what you spend on for example clothing or food. It also shows you your spending statistics.

4. Travel

You can use the Neat card all around the world, anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You will get the competitive MasterCard exchange rate + 1.5% foreign transaction fee. This is one of the best rates in Hong Kong!

5. Customer experience

Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to call your bank to get something done? We get it. With Neat we’re aiming for you to be able to do everything in the app, for example if you need to block your card or change your PIN. And if you do need to call or message us at any time, we promise we always put our users first!

6. Instant notifications

Get a push notification whenever you spend. These constant reminders will make you more aware of your spending and help you reach your saving goals.

7. Seamless transfers – coming soon

Keep losing your security device? Never know your friend’s bank account numbers? Hate paying transfer fees? With Neat you won’t need to anymore. Everything can easily be done through the app and you only need your friend’s phone number. We will soon launch our free, real-time transfers between Neat users.

More about us: www.neat.hk

Want to try out Neat? Sign up for our waiting list


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