2016 is coming to an end. Did you already think about your new year’s resolutions? If you feel like trying out something new, now or in the new year, we’ve found some great suggestions for you!

kayak.jpegPhoto: Cameron Dueck


If you love the outdoors and feel like seeing Hong Kong from a different angle, try kayaking. There are many places in HK where you can rent equipment, such as the beaches in Sai Kung and Lamma and there are also several Meetup groups, like Sea Kayakers  and companies, like Sea Kayak Hong Kong that will help you get started and teach you all the basic skills.

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Get crafty

Try a new hobby like knitting, painting or DIY. If you are or become good, you can even make some money on the side by selling your pieces to your friends or on Facebook or Etsy. If you need guidance, there are workshops for about anything here. From calligraphy to pottery or a little bit of everything, you’ll be able to learn any skill you want. Of course there are also dozens of online resources to get started, Nifty offers some good tutorials for easy DIY projects.


Want to start doing yoga? As you only need a mat and a little bit of space, it’s easy to do from anywhere and doesn’t cost you much. There are some great videos online to help you get started, but of course going to a class will usually be a better choice for a beginner. There are many yoga studios around the city, but most of them are quite pricey, so take a look at Meetup or fitness subscriptions if you’re budget conscious.


Book Club

If you like to read and would like to meet people with the same interest, join a book club! Meetup has 2 major book clubs in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Girly Book Club and The Hong Kong Book Club where you read a book every month and discuss it with fellow members over a drink.



If you have spare time and want to do something useful, check out some volunteering options. For example, if you love pets but cannot have any because of your small space & travel schedule there are always shelters looking for volunteers to play and walk the dogs. Or check out Hands On Hong Kong which lists all types of projects where volunteers are needed.



Getting into photography is a great way to motivate yourself to discover new parts of the city. And while you may only be able to take certain types of photos with a good (and expensive) DSLR camera, Instagram has proven that even with just an iPhone it’s possible to take AMAZING photos, don’t believe us? Check out these 15 awesome iPhone-only Instagram accounts to follow.  If you want some inspiration on where to take photos, Young Post made a list of 10 photogenic spots in Hong Kong. Go, go, go!

Team Sport


No matter what sport you like, there is probably going to be a team for it. Check out this comprehensive guide by Sassy that lists some of the major sports and associated clubs & Meetups. It’s more fun than the gym and you can meet new people at the same time!

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