Good news for all bargain hunters: one of the biggest sales of the year is coming up. Next week Thursday Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, and that means… sales! While we can’t benefit from the massive sales in stores the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday)…


We can definitely make use of all the online promotions on Friday, the weekend, and Monday after. This year, the so-called Cyber Monday will be on November 28, so mark your calendars and be sure to sit behind your monitor at midnight US time (afternoon in Hong Kong).

Want to make sure you’ll get good deals? We’ve collected the best tips!

1. Decide on your budget & what you want

Rule no. 1: you won’t save any money if you’re buying stuff that you don’t need and normally would never buy. The same is true for ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ deals; if you were planning to just buy 1 item, this is a terrible deal.

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2. Check out deals in advance

Check in advance whether your favorite website has already announced their sales. It’s not only the day of Cyber Monday, but the days leading up to it and after too where we see massive discounts. On one day a store might discount their laptops, the other day their books etc. So make sure you know in advance what day to buy.

3. Don’t buy anything right now


If you want to buy something online from the US, have some patience! Even if the retailer doesn’t advertise any sale coming up, make sure to wait anyway. They might just have a great discount coming up and you don’t want to miss out.

4. Go incognito

Should you clear your cookies/browse incognito? While not everyone agrees on this and certainly not all online shops would show different discounts to different buyers, we say better safe than sorry… There are definitely some sophisticated e-commerce websites that will give better deals to first-time visitors!

5. Check coupon sites

Most websites will list their Cyber Monday deals on their homepage, but some websites might only advertise to their members or give them better deals. Be sure to check out coupon code sites like RetailMeNot to make sure that you’re making use of the best deals.

6. Check the original price in advance


An age-old trick in retail: whenever there is a sale the original price is suddenly listed as much higher as it actually was. So, make sure to check the original in advance. Maybe the jeans you wanted originally cost HK$500, but suddenly the retailers will advertise: ‘50% off, from HK$800 to HK$400’. In that way it seems like a much better deal than it is. Don’t be fooled.

7. Sign up for e-mails newsletters

Sign up for e-mail newsletter of the stores you’re thinking of buying from to make sure you know about the best deals right away.

8. Don’t buy now what will be cheaper later

Winter clothes will usually see their biggest sales in late December and early January. While retailers may offer some discount now, the end of season discount will likely be even better. For household items or electronics, the Cyber Monday sale could be the best of the year.

9. Check out app-only deals

If you’re thinking of buying something, make sure to check the store’s app and see if they have any special app promotions. Retailers try hard to get you on their app and heavily promote it, which means they will sometimes have some special – and better – deals for their app users.

Happy shopping!

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