Sometimes it’s better to spend a little, to save more later. Here are 11 awesome products that will save you $$ in the long run.


A good coffee machine


At HK$30+, Starbucks in this city ain’t cheap. If you buy a latte every working day you’ll spend far more than HK$5,000 every year; year in, your out. You can buy a pretty decent coffee machine for that!

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Tap water purifier

While Hong Kong’s tap water is drinkable, the flavor can be a little off-putting. If you don’t like to go through the effort of boiling and cooling your water, buy a filter for your tap or -cheaper- a water filter pitcher, which start at HK$300. If you’re currently buying a bottle of water a day at HK$10, it will save you over HK$3,000 a year!

Cool lunch box


Packing your own lunch, the ultimate money saver. We advise on buying not just any, but a nice lunch box. Because the human mind simply works like this: if you buy something a nice and a little more expensive you’ll want to use it, even though you find all of the effort to pack and make your own lunch inconvenient. Hey, you’ve now already invested in your nice lunch box now so you better use it!

External hard drive / cloud storage

There are some things money can’t buy. One of these is our precious time & memories. Be smart and invest in a hard drive or some cloud storage so you won’t lose hours of work or all of your favorite photos!

Soda Maker


If you’re addicted to your carbonated drinks, this may be one for you. Turn your (filtered tap) water into sparkling water, at home. Whether it’s worth the investment depends a little on your consumption. It’s not super cheap, with one of the most popular brands (Soda Stream) starting at HK$1,500+ but if you always drink sparkling water, it can definitely be a smart buy.

Slow Cooker

Admittedly, if you want to eat cheap in Hong Kong, you definitely can. However, the cheaper food can get a little boring sometimes. One of the easiest way to cook your meals and you can easily cook in bulk.

(Filtered) Water Bottle


A re-usable water bottle so you stop your bad habit of buying bottled water everywhere. Besides saving you money, it’s also environmentally friendly! You can even buy a water bottle with a filter, so you’ll be able to re-fill with tap water in case there is no filtered water available

Phone case & glass screen protector

If you’re a poor student, the most expensive thing you own may just be your new iPhone. As your life depends on it, the last thing you want is for it to break. Get a good phone case and glass screen protector, it’ll be worth the investment.

Timed snack container


Does this really save you money? Well that all depends on how much discipline you have. The timed snack container only opens up at a set time, which means you can’t binge-eat all those oreo’s at once. More than a money saver this may be one of the best diet inventions ever!


This one is a bit of a trade-off; comfort vs. saving money. We all know our electricity bill usually doubles in the Hong Kong summers due to AC use. While we wouldn’t recommend using just a fan in the midst of summer, it can be a good solution now the summer’s ending and autumn is finally starting.

Budgeting App


After all of these smart investments you naturally want to keep track of your progress. That’s where we can help you with :). It’s not really an investment – the Neat app is free to use -, but it’s certainly a tool that can help you save money! By using the Neat card, all of your expenses are automatically categorized and you can easily stay on top of your budget. Sign up for our waiting list to be the first to get your hands on the app.

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