Birthday party coming up and don’t know what to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out these ideas that will please even your most picky friends. Happy gifting!

Cool, fun & cheap for her




If you’re looking for some cool & unique gadgets for girls, Dudes is the place to go. Do you really need it? No. Do you want it? Hell yeah!

From retro 3-color lollipops (remember those), to their ever popular pool floats. Lots of cool stuff that you may not buy for yourself, but make a perfect present! They have a wide variety of must-haves so even if you’re on a budget you’ll find something cool.

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Cool, fun & cheap for him (or her)

While finding a present for your best friend may be easy, what do you get your colleague or acquaintance that you don’t know that well? We got the solution. Head over to the Bottle Shop, Craftissimo or another shop of your liking and buy some (local) craft beers. As it’s something universally loved, we’re sure it will make a risk-free and good present!

Experience Gifts


Do you believe that spending time with your friends is worth more than any gift in the world? Then an experience gift is the way to go.  Take a look at Spoilt. What do you think about a cooking workshop for 2, or – if you have HK$4,000+ to spare – a helicopter tour for 2? Gift start at around HK$500 for 2.

Gift cards



We get it, some friends are simply demanding or maybe you’re just not the best at finding gifts. A gift card may be the way to go. While you can of course get a H&M gift card – that will surely be used and appreciated – you may want to look for some more unique and original options.

Giftwell is a good place to start. They offer, amongst others, a foodie restaurant subscription or their Giftwell gift card. It’s valid at all of their participating shops & restuarants, which are all hip stores and restaurants that you may normally not have tried out.

Personalized Gifts

If you want to get something truly unique, get a personalized present. The options are endless. For any item you can think of, there’s a personalized option. Cutomized Marshmallows? Check. Personalized hipflask, bottle opener or watch? Check. Engraved wine bottle? Check. You get the idea :).

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