Image by Benny Lam

If you’re living on a budget in Hong Kong, one of your biggest struggles will always be a lack of space. With Hong Kong’s real estate being the most expensive in the world, you may sometimes feel like a bird in a cage.

Sounds familiar? Then read on! We’re sure that with these tips you can make most out of your tiny home!

Combine your bed and cupboard

Put your mattress on a cupboard to save space and create extra storage area.



Source: Amazing Interior Design & HouseBeautiful

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Save space in your closet

Don’t have enough space for all of your clothes? Check out these handy ways to put more clothes in a small area.


clotheshanger clotheshanger1

Source: Listotic & Instructables

Go up

Put shelves above your doors to create extra storage space.


More unexpected storage space

There is always more space to store your belongings! For example, your door can be a great place to add some extra racks.



Source: Howards & Jenna Burger

Use curtains

If you’re living in a studio and want to create a separation between your ‘bedroom’ and ‘living room’, curtains are the way to go. Some blogs suggest using a shower curtain rod if you want to go for an easy options that doesn’t require any drilling.


Source: Homedit

Storage services

Tried all of the above, but still struggling? It might be time to use a storage service. One of the most popular companies for this in Hong Kong is Boxful. For a small monthly fee you can safely store your belongings in one of Boxful’s warehouses. Your items get picked up at your home by the Boxful staff and you can request them back on demand. Perfect for those of us with tiny homes!

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