Do you love trying out new activities and exploring? You don’t need to travel far and wide, as something interesting is awaiting you at every corner of our city.



Unique Eats

Hong Kong is full of traditional, unique food and if you aren’t born here, you may not have tried everything yet. Some unique dishes include snake soup, roast goose or intestines. And since most of these foods are very local they won’t cost you much.

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Street Art Hunting

When you walk around Hong Kong, you may get tired of all the uniform, tall buildings. HK Walls is bringing a breath of fresh air with their annual street arts festival where they ask local and international artists to pimp up certain neighborhoods. Their last edition was in Sham Shui Po, so venture out to a neighborhood you may not normally visit and enjoy these unique murals! Or if you want to check out the graffiti work on the top of this article, just head to Upper Station Street in Sheung Wan.


Tour in the Dark

Regarded as one of the most interesting museums in Hong Kong, Dialogue Experience, is an exhibition like no other. A visually-impaired tour guide will lead you through this pitch-black exhibition where you will experience the world with all your senses, but your eyes. The museum also provides dinners in the dark and special tours for couples.


Enjoy home-cooked food

Taste food from amateur chefs in their own home and meet new people. This is what startup PlateCulture is bringing to Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is an international city, the chefs are from everywhere so whether you feel like Indian, Korean or Chinese, there will be an option that matches your tastes. You’ll get an experience that’s both authentic and unique; a nice change from the usual restaurant dining.


Tea Tasting

For the tea lovers amongst us, Ming Cha hosts tea tastings and workshops that will get you to fully appreciate different types of teas; you will learn about the process behind making tea, how to make a perfect cuppa and of course you get to taste a variety of teas that won’t be your everyday breakfast teas!



Calligraphy Workshop

If you want to learn how to make beautiful cards, posters or thank you notes, look no further. There are several individuals and companies that provide modern calligraphy workshops. Chocolat provides one of the better rates, for HK$580 you will be able to attend a workshop, which includes a beginner’s kit for you to take home and continue practicing.

Traditional Cooking Workshop

Tired of eating out at restaurants every single day or relying too much on your parents? Take a traditional cooking workshop to find out the secrets of the Cantonese kitchen. While the cooking workshops can be a little pricy, imagine all the future savings from cooking at home more!

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