Me: I really want to travel. Bank account: Like … to the backyard?

Sounds like the story of your life? We feel your pain… But don’t despair, as we’ve assembled the best weekend getaways from Hong Kong on a small budget. Spending less than $500 on a weekend trip is easier than you think!


Camping Trip

The cheapest way to get out of the city is taking a camping trip. With several campsites at Hong Kong’s beaches and outlying islands there’s plenty of choice. Especially the beaches in Sai Kung are popular camping spots.

If you have your own tent (or can borrow one from friends) and bring some food, you’ll only need to pay for a minibus ride to Sai Kung and a taxi ride to Sai Wan Pavillion (~HK$80). A vacation doesn’t need to cost you much!

Details on how to get there.

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Shenzhen Spa Weekend

Another cheap alternative is to spend your weekend at a spa in Shenzhen. Most spa’s give you 24 hour access and there are sleeping rooms where you’ll be able to sleep in a big comfy chair or on a massage bed, so there is no need to book a hotel. Entrance fee is around HK$100-150 and when you buy more massages and treatments the fee is waived. A ticket from Hung Hom to the border will set you back HK$40, so all in all you can have a weekend getaway for less than HK$500.


Travel Deals

There are plenty of websites to find good travel deals. Groupon is good for finding discounts on mid-range hotels & trips to Macau, China & Thailand. If you’re looking for discounted luxury travel, Secret Escapes is the place to go. The website offers deals for upscale hotels all over the world. To find the cheapest flight ticket, use Skyscanner to compare prices or if you’re lucky Cathay’s weekly deals may offer a ticket to where you want to go!


Relax in Guilin & Yangshuo

If you can find a good deal, flight tickets to popular destinations in China can often be found for under HK$1,000. But if you’re tight on money or can’t find any deals, you can always opt to take a (night) bus or train.

From Shenzhen you can take a night bus or train to the popular tourist destination of Yangshuo, home to beautiful karst mountain landscapes and river views.  Costs for the bus or hard sleeper on the train are around HK$250 one way and easily beat the price of a flight ticket.


24-hour staycation

The Grand Hyatt offers a 24-hour staycation package exclusive to Hong Kong residents. Admittedly, it’s not the most budget-friendly option but still a good deal if you’re looking for luxury. For HK$2,800 (+10%) you get a Grand Deluxe Harbour Room and 24 hour access to the hotel. The price also includes a HK$1,000 voucher to be spent at the hotel’s restaurants or spa. As you don’t have to pay for flights out of the city, this is definitely cheaper than going abroad for a luxury retreat!

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