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Hong Kong rents are crazy. With rent probably being your biggest expense every month, it’s important that you’re smart about what and where to rent. Experts recommend you do not spend more than a third of your monthly income on rent, which at times seems almost impossible.

We will show you what HK$5k, HK$10k & HK$20k will get you in different areas of the city. What do you think: is it time to move?


HK Island West / Central


A bunk bed to be shared with someone else. That’s all you’re gonna get in one of Hong Kong’s Central areas for this amount.


Even a parking space in HK Island West can set you back $4,500 a month 😮 !

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In Sham Shui Po, an area that’s known for cheap rents (though it’s on the rise) you can get a tiny studio for 5k. Hey, at least you don’t need to share!

New Territories


If you want to get some actual value for money, the areas near the Chinese border are where it’s at. A small apartment that seems to be in good condition can be all yours for $5k. You will, however, have to put up with a daily 1 hour commute to Central.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world

And for comparison purposes, the same money will get you a luxurious condo in Bangkok 😭


HK Island West / Central


At $10,000 things get slightly better. You can find a modest-sized studio of around 150-200 sq. feet or you can share an apartment. If you’re lucky the apartment to be shared can be pretty nice for this price.



For 10k you can get an actual apartment in Kowloon, that’s probably so old that the owner would rather not put up pictures of the inside.


Alternatively a modern, yet small studio will be to your availability.

New Territories


10k in Yuen Long will get you a super modern apartment that’s at least 3x the size of your HK island studio. The downside is the 40 minutes it will take you to get to Central.


HK Island West / Central


At 20k a month you can get a real, non-subdivided apartment on HK Island, hooray!



Meanwhile in Kwun Tong – one of the cheaper areas in town – you can get an entire 3,800 sq. feet warehouse for this amount.


A modern and spacious (for HK standards) apartment with mountain view  will also be one of your options.

New Territories


20k can get you a moderate sized apartment in a nice building with club houses and pools.


Or a 1,500 sq. feet apartment that actually has different floors, unheard of for Hong Kong!

How do you manage to keep your rent expenses under control? Let us know in the comments!

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