Life in Hong Kong can be extremely hectic and fast-paced. You’ll often feel like there’s not enough time in a day. For all of you who love to run your life efficiently, we’ve collected the best apps and websites that are fun and will help you save time!



Have you ever seen a cool outfit in a movie and you’d love to find something similar? You go from store to store and spend hours looking for it, but you just can’t find the perfect match. Goxip is here to help! The newly launched shopping platform allows you to upload a photo of what you’re looking for and it will then find clothes that look similar. You’ll look great and save time!

A fully mobile current account for online & offline shopping.
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Admittedly, the first time I heard about this app I didn’t immediately understand its use. Until that time you’re in a big rush and find out you took the wrong MTR exit. The Pokeguide app tells you what MTR exit is closest to your final destination and it tells you which car to get into to get to the exit fastest. It also shows you some cafes and restaurants near your destination. Perfect for people who love efficiency!


LaLaMove – Easyvan

If you’re moving apartments, Easyvan is here to serve you. The on-demand service can help you transport your goods fast. They also just launched their new express service for quickly delivering packages and documents. If you’ve got an important package that can’t wait for regular post, just request an EasyVan and the package will get to your recipient the same day.



Want to throw an amazing junk or birthday party? Instead of calling up tons of restaurants to find the best prices and deals, CaterSpot has done all the hard work for you. The platform allows you to compare menus and prices so you can easily and effortlessly select the option that best fits you.

On-demand services

If you’re always short on time and love adding a bit of convenience to your life, check out our post on on-demand services. From food and grocery delivery to laundry pick up. For everything you normally need to leave your house for, there is a delivered-to-your-door alternative!

A fully mobile current account for online & offline shopping.
 Join our waiting list to get the free Neat app.


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