Do you really need own stuff you’re only going to use once? Of course not! And you no longer have to. Everywhere around the world the sharing economy is gaining ground. Instead of buying, you can borrow or rent items from people around you. It’s a great way reduce waste and to save you money, especially for products you won’t use often. Scroll down to find out the best places to get free stuff, rent or swap in Hong Kong!

Forums & Facebook groups

The best place to swap, offer and get free items must be forums and Facebook groups. Some of these groups have turned into communities of thousands of people. Check out Asiaxpat and Geoexpat’s free classifieds or any of these Facebook groups that all have 15k+ members: Buy-Sell-Swap HongKong, hong kong buy and sell or Buy and Sell Hong Kong.

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With public transport being one of the best in the world, it makes sense that not many Hong Kongers own cars. But what do you do when you do need a car for a day trip? You can rent from traditional car rental companies, but they may be pricey. Carshare offers car rentals from your neighbors. If you own a car and don’t always use it, you can list it on the website too.



‘Why buy, when you can rent?’ is Gaifong‘s motto. The app allows you to rent items that you probably won’t use everyday, from your neighbors. Think about stuff like camping gear, special tools or a BBQ. Of course you can also list all of your own belongings, make some money on the side and reduce waste!

Rent a Suitcase

If you’re not a frequent traveler, owning a big suitcase may be a waste of precious space and money. Rent a suitcase rents out suitcases and cameras so you can use it while you travel without paying the full price. If you own suitcases that you don’t always need, you can offer them for rental and get rewarded with coupons.



Yeecho rents out beautiful designer dresses for when you have a special occasion, like a wedding or prom. You can select your dresses online and if you want, visit their beautiful showroom to try them on. Why spend thousands of dollars on something you’re only going to wear once?

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