Besides the Neat app, what are the (local) apps every Hong Konger needs to have installed on their phones? Here are some of the top apps that will make your life easy and fun!


Most Hong Kongers will already have this app installed, but if you’re new to the city: OpenRice is the best app to find the top-rated restaurants in any part of Hong Kong. Feel like Japanese for dinner? Just search the app for the best Japanese places near you and see reviews and photos of the spot.

A prepaid card for all your online & offline shopping, paired with a smart budgeting app





We all know how terrible customer service can be sometimes. Endless menus that take you forever to get through seem to be commonplace. Skipmenu set out to solve this problem and the app shows you all the dial options and lets you immediately tap and pick the right numbers so you can save time.

Feedme Guru

Bad at making choices? Does OpenRice feel too overwhelming for you? Then Feedme Guru may be your thing! The app features restaurants recommended by chefs, foodies and your friends, so choosing a place will be stress-free from now on! The app also regularly has good deals for high-end restaurants, so you can indulge without spending a fortune.



Carousell is the top app for selling and buying stuff from people around you. If you’re moving out or cleaning out your closet, why not sell your items instead of throwing them out? You can make some extra bucks by selling and save by finding cheap items in the app!

Happy Owl

This clever new app lets you enjoy a free drink every day(!) at one of their partner venues. For HK$199 a month you can redeem your drink in any of the bars in their app. If you have a habit of spending too much on drinking, it’s a great way to save some money and also discover new places!



Last, but definitely not least comes our very own Neat app. Always shocked at the end of the month by how much money you spent? You can use Neat online or in store and the Neat app helps you stay on top of your budget. Get a notification every time you spend and let the app categorize your spending. Say goodbye to surprising credit card bills!

Open a current account in a few minutes from your phone and get the Neat prepaid MasterCard and automatic budgeting app. 

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