Ever wonder how some kids, teens and students make millions when they haven’t even finished high school? Watch, learn and get inspired!


1. E-Commerce

Some teens have made it big with online selling. Take for instance Susan Kroger, founder of Modcloth. She built her empire – now selling more than $150 million a year – from her dorm room! And less sexy products too, can make you a fortune. Sean Belnick, founder of BizChair, got his millionaire status when he was just 16 by selling discounted quality office furniture.

Another amazing story is that of Moziah Bridges. The 11-year old found a bow tie company with $200,000 annual revenue. He may not be a millionaire yet, but we’re betting it won’t be long til he gets there.

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harry potter.jpg

2. Child Stars

If you really want to earn a fortune at a young age, being a chid star is the way to go. Justin Bieber is cashing in $60-80 million a year and his net worth is estimated at $200 million. Not bad for a 22 year old…

And remember the Secret Life of Zac & Cody? The twins got around $40,000 an episode. Daniel Radcliff (a.k.a Harry Potter) got $1 million for the first Harry Potter movie and made up to $33 million(!) for the last one. That’s more money than most of us will see in a lifetime.


3. Tech Entrepreneurs

We all know the story of Mark Zuckerberg, who invented Facebook in his Harvard dorm room. But there are also many other success stories of less well known entrepreneurs. Nick D’Aloisio was only 15 when he came up with the idea of an app that would summarize news articles. Fast forward to a few years later, and Yahoo offered the young whiz kid $30 million for his app. Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel dropped out of Stanford to work on the app. He certainly made the right move, as his net worth is currently estimated at a whopping $2.1 billion.



4. Youtube & Instagrammers

Youtube and Instagram have created a vast amount of new millionaires. Beauty vloggers, comedians and gamers are making big bucks on Youtube; while food, fashion and lifestyle bloggers are doing well on Instagram. Jordan Maron a.k.a Captainsparklez has earned around $30 million through his Youtube channel over the past years and beauty vlogger Michelle Phan is cashing in $3 million a year, with her brand being valued at $500 million!


5. Business owners

If technology isn’t your thing, there are also many young entrepreneurs who made their first millions offline. Take Jon Koon, he became a billionaire by 30 but already made his first million at 16. He sold exclusive car parts and partnered up with MTV’s Pimp My Ride. And it can be even simpler. Fraser Doherty started out selling his grandma’s home-made jam at a local farmer’s markets when he was just 14 and founded his SuperJam brand not long after. He didn’t stop at the farmer’s market and soon his jams were selling in supermarkets all over the country and his business made its first million.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too early – or too late! – to get started.

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