Working around the clock? Barely have time to eat and sleep? You need some tools to make your life just a little easier! One of the benefits of our fully mobile Neat account is the convenience it offers. We understand you have better things to do than stand in line at the bank branch. And if you’re really busy – or a little lazy – there are plenty of services in Hong Kong that can add convenience to all aspects of daily life!



Just made a nice home-cooked dinner for your date night, but forgot to buy wine? Don’t fret, BottlesXO has got you covered! Their on-demand service lets you choose good quality wines, delivered to your door in 60 minutes.


HonestBee is a service that delivers groceries to your house within 60 minutes. They’ve got a wide range of products to choose from and source their ingredients from the better supermarkets in town. And for all your veggie needs, there’s Jou Sun. The startup specializes in fresh foods bought directly from the wet markets, organic foods and other healthy products.

Feeling more adventurous? Try Secret Ingredient. This startup delivers pre-measured, chef-prepped groceries to your home. The meals you can make out of them aren’t your standard chicken & rice. It’s exotic cooking in your own kitchen!



Even though Hong Kong is full of laundry shops, it can be annoying that the shops close so early. On-demand laundry serivce Impressed therefore picks up and delivers your laundry until midnight, perfect for people with busy schedules.


Well-known to people that love the convenience of ordering on the smartphone are Deliveroo & Foodpanda. Both are excellent options for when you don’t feel like cooking or eating out. Foodpanda has the widest range of restaurants (and a free delivery promo!), while Deliveroo has some more upscale options.

Something else that many foreigners living in Hong Kong start to miss after a while is home-cooked food. With restaurants all around and tiny kitchens, cooking for yourself isn’t very attractive. Recently launched BiteUnite has found the solution, home-cooked food, delivered to your door.



Of course the list wouldn’t be complete without including Neat. The current account we provide can be set up fully through your smartphone, so there’s no more need to visit a branch. And the prepaid Neat MasterCard allows you to shop in store as well as online, so you can order and sign up to all the great services listed here!

Everything Else

For everything that no other company covers, there’s Spothelp. This virtual assistant can help you with anything from planning an event, getting special products or booking your travels. Simply WhatsApp +852 6190 7100 with your request!

A fully mobile current account. Online and offline shopping. Join our waiting list to get the free Neat app.


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