So you’ve got your (part-time) job, but you want to make some extra bucks on the side. Take a look at our list of easy ideas on how to make money in your spare time!


Take online surveys

Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online. No special talents required, just your opinion. Instead of pointlessly surfing the web, take some surveys and let the cash roll in! Good places to start are Swagbucks, TolunaOnePoll. For a full guide see here. While it’s easy, the down side is the returns are rather low.

Need a budgeting app that’s easy? Get the Neat MasterCard and automatic budgeting app

Sell your photos

Is your Instagram filled with amazing photos? You can sell prints or the right to use your pics on several websites such as Twenty20, Snapwire and Instaprints. Be prepared for some competition, but if you’re really good you can earn big.

Become an influencer

Some bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers make millions of dollars every year. Brands are lining up to work with them and in addition they can make money through affiliate networks or selling their own merchandise. Of course it’s a lot of hard work and it takes time to build a following, but if you’re successful it can pay off very well.

Easier alternatives are to sign up for platforms such as Spread It. Anyone with more than 50 likes per post can sign up  and every now and then they will send you messages to post a campaign, you’ll get around HK$50 per post if you’ve got a following <1000.

Sell your books/clothes/anything 

Sell anything you don’t use anymore at websites like Carousell. You will make some quick extra bucks and you’re cleaning out your closet too. It’s  a win-win!

AirBnB your home

Every time you take a trip, rent out your place on AirBnB. Or if you’re short on cash and have your boyfriend/girlfriend/parents living in the city, you can stay with them for the weekend while renting out your place. Ka-ching.


List yourself on Fiverr

If you’ve got any talents such as designing logos, making videos or coding, list your services on Fiverr and be found by people all over the world.

For entrepreneurial spirits without these talents, there’s also an opportunity to resell services from Fiverr. Find cheap and good designers, marketers etc. and find clients that are willing to pay more on Upwork or within your own network.

Open a current account in a few minutes from your phone and get the Neat MasterCard and App



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