Hong Kong is an amazing place to live if you love traveling. Within a few hours you can be skiing in Japan, scuba diving in the Philippines or partying on a beach in Thailand. But how can you afford all of this as a broke student or regular, hard-working person?




Compare all the options

Use a website that aggregates data, such as Kayak, to compare all the options in terms of flights, activities and hotels. It will save you hours browsing through different airlines’ websites.

Need help saving for your next trip? Get the Neat MasterCard and automatic budgeting app.

Mix & match your flights

Sometimes it’s cheaper to fly in and out with different airlines. What may be an even bigger money saver is using local airlines if you need to connect to a domestic flight. These may not always show up in searches, as they usually only suggest connecting flights with the same airline, so be sure to check! See here for a list of Asian budget airlines: http://wikitravel.org/en/Discount_airlines_in_Asia

Find hidden city tickets

It may sound strange, but sometimes a flight from Hong Kong – Bangkok might be more expensive than Hong Kong – Bangkok – Mumbai. Why? Ticket prices are not only based on distance, but also on demand. This search engine finds those hidden city tickets for you. Be aware to book two separate tickets though, as return tickets are made invalid if you don’t complete the journey.


Get the Neat MasterCard

Get the Neat MasterCard to shop around the world with the best exchange rates, online & offline. The Neat app will also send you real-time push notifications and show you what you spend, which means no more surprise credit card bills! You can apply for the Neat Card in a few minutes from your mobile phone.



Figure out public transport routes

It can be tempting to just take a cab after a long and exhausting journey. And while in most Asian countries a cab ride are affordable(ish), nothing can beat taking a train or bus. Most hotels/hostels will have directions on their website, you can try using Google Maps, or Rome2Rio which will also provide routes for less developed places.

Go Couchsurfing

If you’re traveling on a budget, Couchsurfing may be your savior. Stay over with locals for free and see the city in a whole new way. If you’re not too keen on sleeping over at a stranger’s couch, it’s still a great community to meet up with locals who will obviously know about the better deals in town.

Be aware of roaming charges

Almost all airports these days have stalls that sell local SIM cards for temporary use. Perfect when you’re traveling. Another option is ChatSim, with this SIM card you have unlimited WhatsApp access everywhere in the world


Don’t waste that leftover change

Do you have a drawer full of ‘useless’ foreign coins? This startup has found a solution. With TravelersBox you can exchange your coins for credit on your PayPal account or gift cards. At the moment they’re only available in a few cities, but it’s worth checking out if you’re going there.

Open a current account in a few minutes from your mobile phone and get the Neat MasterCard for worldwide online & offline shopping. 



More about us – www.neat.hk


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