Once again I’m going to record my week’s spending, then roll my eyes at the decisions and purchases I made.*tsk tsk*giphy (7)


11:00am – Told myself I’m gonna wake up at 9 then hit the gym, but my body just refused to do so.

12:00pm – Since I’m home, and the fridge is finally fully stocked (thanks mom). Made myself a quick bowl of chicken noodle soup before I head out to meet my friend. $9.5

5:30pm – We wandered around Wan Chai for a couple hours, and scarfed down some street food. $22 

7:00pm – Took a bus home and I bought a carton of milk before I head back. $9.5 + $8.2

Total: $49.2

I could actually spend less than $50 a day, impressive…

giphy (8)

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10:00am – Missed my 9am alarm again, I should fix my sleep schedule.

11:00am – Got distracted by a work email, should be on my way to the office but I just started working on my couch.

12:00pm – Made a sandwich for the go to brighten up my dreadful journey to Cyberport. $9.5 + $9.6

1:00pm – Work work work work work work…

7:30pm – Hopped on a minibus to Kennedy Town, gym time it is. $6.5

7:40pm – Got a granola bar on the way, don’t wanna pass out on the treadmill. $14

9:30pm – Lesson learnt, never go to the gym without my water bottle. Sprinted to the convenience store and bought a bottle of coconut water. Once I chugged the whole bottle, I got on the bus right next to the store. $11.5 + $14

9:50pm – Another bus ride… When your life is pretty much on the island side, but your parent’s house is on the Kowloon side, RIP. $5.6

10:15pm – Finally home and found a bowl of soup sitting on the kitchen counter. Dad knew I’d be hungry after workout. Nawww:)

Total: $70.7


10:00am – Woke up an hour earlier than before #improvement

11:00am – Got ready and look all cute to hang out with my bestie, turns out she’s still at home packing her suitcase and she can’t make it, lovely.

12:30pm – I went out anyways, since another friend of mine is wandering alone in Causeway Bay. $9.5

1:30pm – Bubble tea is the best solution when you’re kinda hungry, but a full meal seems a bit too much. $19 

1:45pm – As much as I hate being ditched again, my bestie’s going to Australia for uni, and I won’t see her in a really long while. I bought her a card, and a cute box of soup that says “Here’s your gift, motherf*cker”. Passive aggressive, LOVE IT! $37 + $48

2:00pm – It’s never a good idea to walk pass MAC. I’ve been wanting to try that lipstick my friend raves about all the time. Do I need that lipstick? Not really. Does it look good on me? Absolutely. Will I regret it? hmmmm. Did I get it eventually? DUH. $155

2:30pm – It’s a slippery slope once I started spending. There’s a sale in Abercrombie, and of course, I walked inside without hesitation. (In my defense, I needed to get a top because I didn’t bring any to my friend’s sleepover.) Bought this top that I immediately regret the second I walked out, oh wells. $169

3:30pm – The damage has been done. Time to hurry my butt to my friend’s place so I won’t go broke (again). $6.5 + $9.5

4:00pm – I got a small sushi bowl for $22 at the train station, mad cheap and the portion is perfect.

8:00pm – Helped my clueless friend to pack her stuff. We had Korean takeouts while she listened to her favourite Kpop music. I love kimchi and jajangmyeon, but Big Bang? I’m gonna stick with Sheldon Cooper… ($65, her mom paid for dinner)

Total: $475.5


10:00am – My friend was hogging the blanket all night long, I couldn’t stand the AC and got up. Today’s the day, the day this butt leaves Hong Kong, and my heart feels heavier than ever.

11:30am – Breakfast finally. Got my favourite bagel sandwich from the coffee shop. ($38)

1:00pm – Last minute packing, and make sure everything is ready and settled.

4:30pm – Since we’re in Ma Wan, the airport is just 15 minutes away. We went to the drug store one last time to buy some snacks before we got on the shuttle bus. $12 + $24

6:00 pm- An hour before she enters the departure hall. We went for some Shanghai food together with her relatives. (eh, I don’t know how much it was, her mom took care of the bill while we were munching on soup dumplings.  #asianfamilything)

7:00pm – Gone, and tears are inevitable. Gotta fix my face on the way back, cuz I’m meeting a friend for drinks. $33

8:00pm – I wanted to get pizza, but the diner’s jam packed. We ended up at a tapas bar, and happy hour was still on *smirks*. We went from a casual drink to tequila shots, and yup I regretted it later. I chipped in $100 for the bill.

10:00 – Wanted to walk around for a bit, but the heat’s just unbearable. Time to go home.

Total: $169


11:00am – Couldn’t sleep till late last night. It’s not even 24 hours and I already miss her so much. But still, time to get over it and get ready for work. But first, Brunch.

1:00pm – Work work work work work work $9.5 + $9.5

7:00pm – Supposed to go to the gym, but no, just nope. Called my dad that I’m coming home for dinner. $11

7:30pm – Got off the bus in Jordan to get on anther bus. Such a long way home. $5.6

Total: $35.6


11:30am – Got up feeling really meh. The rain is pouring and I just don’t wanna leave the house.

11:45am – Helped mom out with some chores before she visits grandma.

2:00pm – Right on time for cha chan teng tea time. ($36, madre paid for it)

2:30pm – Ran out of things to watch on Youtube, so bored that I decided go to the salon with my brother. He’s getting a haircut, and I’m getting some new highlights in my hair. ($600, THANKS MOM)

5:00pm – The colour turned out kinda meh, and I’m not spending $600 to have my ends look slightly browner. Eventually I said yes to a few bleached strands on top, hello random blonde streaks!

Total: $0

gotta love staying in on the weekend giphy (9).gif


12:00am – Come on it’s Sunday, it’s absolutely acceptable to sleep in.

12:30pm – Decided to go to the beach instead of gym, the weather is so nice that I’ll hate myself if I miss this chance to tan. $9.5

1:30pm – The sun is out = it’s gonna be burning outside. Got myself a chocolate sundae to simmer down. $7

2:10pm – I realized that we got on the wrong bus, got off around Repulse Bay and we waited another 20 minutes in this crazy heat for the right bus to come along. $6.9 +$4.9

2:30pm – The beach was unexpectedly crowded, then I realized it’s Father’s Day… For once I’m glad that my family doesn’t really celebrate anything, except for Chinese New Year.

5:30pm – Slightly burnt, and very dehydrated. We took a bus to Admiralty, and rushed to the supermarket. Coconut water and poutine, that’s all we needed. $6.5$22 + $32

8:00pm – Bought dad’s favourite ice cream and popsicles for the fam, it’s Father’s Day after all. $9.5 + $38 

Total: $136.3

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 3.24.07 pm

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