Friendly reminder, one week till Father’s Day! Hope you have something in mind, if not, here are a couple ideas for you.

 Junk trip on the Dukling

Have a drink with your dad and family on the iconic antique fishing junk, Dukling. The trip takes about 45 minutes, and you can enjoy the amazing night view of the Victoria Harbour up close.

During the Father’s Day weekend, dads can get on board for free. Give your dad a shout-out by leaving a message on their Facebook post, and they will project it on the sail of the junk!


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Craft beer workshop

It’s a well-known fact that Dad loves beer, there’s a reason for their beer belly.

giphy (6)

Take your old man to a craft beer workshop, and brew your very own father-son/daughter beer. Check out this workspace that offers different craft workshops, just in case you’re not into craft beer. The Craft Working Space

Joan Cornellà Exhibition

If you have a cool dad who doesn’t mind a bit of dark humour, this exhibition is perfect for you and your awesome dad. Joan Cornellà is known for his disquieting, satirical comic strips. Not exactly a family-friendly exhibition, but it’ll be rather interesting to check it out with your father.


More Dragon Boats!

Although it’s a week after the Dragon Boat Festival, there’s still one more dragon boat race on Father’s Day. The 15th Sun Life Stanley Dragon Boat Short Course Races will be held on the Stanley Main Beach, sounds like a perfect Sunday activities. Get a nice tan on the beach, while cheering for your favourite team. If the heat is too much to bear, you can take a walk in Stanley Market, or have a drink with your old man in one of the bars along the seaside.

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