The long awaited summer vacay is finally here! Here are a couple of ideas for you, so you don’t have to waste your precious summer break being a couch potato. 

Get a summer job

Keeps you occupied, and you get paid anyways. Let’s be real here, all the summer activities, and hang outs could cost you quite a bit. At the same time, you can learn a new skill and build your portfolio. Get money to fund your summer activities, and a new job experience for your resume, cha ching!

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Start something new

“Nah I don’t have time for that, school’s keeping me occupied.”
But now that it’s summer break, that lame excuse doesn’t work anymore. You have all the time to learn about calligraphy, how to DJ, whatever you’ve been waiting to try out.

If you would like to explore different fitness activities like pilates, yoga, Muay Thai, try KFit! Sign up for a monthly subscription, and you can enjoy a wide range of fitness classes. It’s never too late to work on that summer body. *wink*

Outdoor fun

Going to the mall can be quite boring sometimes, same shops, same atmosphere. Arrange a camp out by the seaside, a hiking trip, or a tanning section on the beach with your friends. And don’t forget your sunscreen!!

Summer reading

If sweating outdoors is not your thing, pick up a new book and learn something new about the world, and yourself. Maybe, just maybe you’ll fall in love with a fictional character… #Summerfling2016

Here are some useful links if you can’t decide what to read:
47 Books Every College Grad Should Read
18 Incredible New Books You Need To Read This Summer

Rearrange your room

It’s a nice habit to rearrange your room every once in a while, changing up the environment might just brighten up your mood a little bit. You don’t have to give your room a complete make over. Simply clear out the things you don’t need, you’ll realize how much stuff you’ve been hoarding. Your room would look more spacious with all the clutters gone.

Spice up your room by adding new lights, decorations, or posters. If you want a new color scheme for your room, but repainting the walls is not an option. Try getting new curtains, or get a small rug, it’ll change the style of your room right away.

Meet new friends

Summer is a great time to meet new friends, you get to hang out with a new crowd, try out new activities. If you’d like to meet new friends who share the same interest as you do, you should totally check out Meetup. You might find your next hiking buddy, or a language exchange partner!

Staycation with your mates

Have a weekend staycation with your besties is a great option if you can’t afford the time or money to travel somewhere. Even if you grew up in Hong Kong, there must still be some unexplored places that are worth visitingIf you’re too lazy to plan a trip, just treat yourself (and your friends) with a spa treatment at a nice hotel, pop a bottle of champagne and order room service.

Hong Kong’s Top 5 Staycations: Escape Without Leaving

giphy (5)


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