Still looking for ways to fund your summer plans? We’ve sought out the best paid part-time jobs for you!


Music Teacher

Resented your parents for making you practice the piano for hours on end? Better thank them now! At HK$200 an hour, teaching music is one of the highest paid jobs we’ve found on JobDoh. Approach your local music school or advertise at primary schools and you’ve found yourself a super flexible, well-paid job!

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It’s one of the most popular jobs for students, and for good reason. If you’re experienced some companies are willing to pay up to HK$500 an hour for tutors and teachers. JobsDB is filled with well-paid teaching gigs, or try Snapask to find high schoolers in need of a tutor.

Sales representative


While the base salary of a sales representative might be low, the commissions can add up big time. Good places to start if you want to find a commission-based sales job for summer are companies selling sightseeing tours, telemarketing firms or high-end fashion stores. You need to be a little shameless, mixed with a ton of confidence, but hey, it will pay off!

You can also go out on your own as a brand ambassador for e-commerce companies, especially in fashion and beauty. Many have schemes where you make money if your friends buy from them; check out Zalora’s program for example.

Fitness Instructor

Seeing a theme here? It seems that teaching, anything, whatever, is amongst the best paid part-time gigs. Fitness instructors are no exception. Advertised for HK$300 an hour on JobDoh this job will pay for your summer plans in no time. And if fitness is not your strength think of what you are talented at (coding? ballet? art?) and start teaching!

Join a startup

Want to do something different this summer? Something that’s more fun than your regular summer job and that provides you with an invaluable experience? Consider joining a startup! In Hong Kong, WHub and Angel List are good places to start if you’re ready to try out startup life as a summer intern or part-timer. Of course, we’re also always open to welcome talented students to our team at Neat!

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