Who said a night filled with drinks and fun would cost you a fortune, you just have to party smart and look for the right deals. Here’s an overview of the best cheap drinking spots in Hong Kong.

Beat the Clock, drinks starting at $1


Nope, you’re not buzzed (yet). Standard drinks in Stone Nullah Tavern DO start at the price of $1 at 5pm. The price doubles every 20 minutes, so it’s $1 at 5:00pm, $2 at 5:20pm, $4 at 5:40pm, $8 at 6:00pm, etc. This might actually be the craziest happy hour deal in Hong Kong.

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Pub Crawl


If you’re spending hundreds on fancy cocktails with the same old crowd, ditch them already! Join Hong Kong Pub Crawl for the best drink deals in town every Thursday. Dance the night away with a fun crowd, free shots, and free entry to their final club for just $100. You can also enjoy their awesome deals of $40 for 2 beers, $30 for a cocktail at every bar.

Club 7-11


Choose your poison of the night at Club 7-11. If you’re familiar with the LKF scene, you’ll always find people drinking outside 7-11. There are so many drinks you could choose from, and of course , it’s cheaper than drinking at a bar. From Tsingtao beer, to a whole bottle of Smirnoff, whatever floats your boat.

Ladies’ Night


Let’s put the gender discrimination issues aside first. After all, there are a lot of great deals for the ladies out there, and guys, you don’t have to pay for the girls’ drinks, so…. On Wednesday nights, ladies could enjoy free drinks or champagne along the Lockhart Road bars (Wan Chai Wednesday, *woop woop*). Many nightclubs in Lan Kwai Fong offer free entrance or free drinks for the ladies on Thursday nights. Time to put on your cute outfit, and party up!


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