Summer is coming up! And while that means cocktails at the beach for the lucky few, most of us will spend it behind a desk. But if you play it smart, hard work will be rewarded. How do you make most out of your summer internship in Hong Kong? Here are 3 tips from someone that’s been through it and picked up her first summer internships not too long ago. 

1. Be realistic and take up any task

You dream of making a huge impact and shaking things up, but remember we all have to start somewhere. The first days of my first internship I was copying and pasting content from an old website to a new website. The entire day.  And the first week of my first real job was even worse. For hours, I was staring at a screen counting people in video recordings. Ouch. According to some experts the percentage of menial tasks you will have to do will take up 20% of your time, while others say it’s more like 50%.


But, it gets better! If your bosses see they can trust you and you’ll get to know the company more they will give you more interesting tasks. Just take up any task you get asked to do with a smile and do it well, however unimportant you may think the task is.

Of course, if after the first few weeks you haven’t learned much more than how to use the copy machine, it’s time to speak up. Maybe the company isn’t used to having interns. Ask around and make a list of suggestions of what you could help out with and be clear about what you want to learn and get out of it.

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2. Meet people and learn from them

One of the most important reasons to do internships is to meet people that can help you once you are looking for a job. Moreover, learning about different jobs in an organization can help you find out what you would and would not like to do. Try scheduling introductory meetings, coffees and lunches with different people in the company.

It also allows you to offer them help. It’s a win-win: they will be happy and impressed with you and you’re creating interesting work for yourself. Because any internship will have some downtime when there’s not much to do…


3. Stay connected and get recommended

Stay connected with your co-workers and managers through for example LinkedIn. Ask them for recommendation right after your internship and don’t be scared to ask for help or introductions when you’re looking for a job a year or so later. After all, you’ve helped them out and the references and network are one of the most important things you get in return. Or maybe you can even join the company you interned for full-time. Remember, an internship is just a long-term interview.

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