Being a student can be quite tough, but living on a student budget is even tougher… Here are a couple of tips to help you survive.

Make use of your student card

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That card with your (embarrassing) headshot back in freshman year, is a magical pass to the world of student discounts. From food and drinks, clothes, entertainments, to air tickets, etc. All you need to do is to ask if there’s a student discount, you might be able to get yourself an extra 10% off your purchases.

Budgeting made easy, that’s Neat. We’ve got limited invitations.


Cook for yourself (and your roommate)

If you don’t know how to cook, it’s time to call your mom, or google some easy recipes to begin with, HK based DayDayCook is a good start. Because the best way to save money, is to avoid eating out. Even if your culinary skill is limited to cooking instant ramen, there are still plenty of ways to spice up your plain old ramen noodles. On a side note, you can always impress your mates with your cooking, so why not?!


Here are some links to help you out:
100 Awesome Ramen Recipes For Starving College Students
Quick, easy, cheap and healthy recipes for students

Buy or sell used books

Books could be quite an expense in college, and it is ridiculous to spend hundreds on a book you need for just one semester. If you’re close with your seniors, you know they always have some books you need that are just sitting on their shelf. They are more than happy to sell them to you, most of the time.
And the greatest thing about used textbooks, NOTES AND ANNOTATIONS!!! Now you know who to ask when you need used books

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Home is where the heart (and food) is

You won’t understand this until you’ve actually moved out. Living in a dorm or off campus could be quite expensive. Rent, bills, groceries, utilities… After all, living with your parents might be a better option if you’re on a tight budget. Nothing feels better than being home, right?


Find a part-time job

The best way to pay your bills/expenses, get a job and get paid. But of course, only if you have the time to spare. You don’t want to put your grades at risk just so you can afford the new Jordans. Tutoring is quite a common side job for university students. Use your connections, and you might find yourself a student! Or, you can check out this cool startup Snapask, it’s a mobile tutoring app which provides a more flexible teaching environment for their tutors. If tutoring not your thing, here is another good platform to find temporary jobs is JobDoh.

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Can you use an app to help you with your budgeting? Join our waiting list.
Limited invitations.


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