I’m a full-time undergrad working part-time at a startup. And this week, I have an extra task tutoring a group of young drama enthusiasts, which means I’ll be hustling between jobs and school. Let’s see how this week goes down…


Travel expense: $42.2

7:30am – Roll out of bed unwillingly at the very last minute. I got enough time to get dressed but not for breakfast.

9:30am – Got my breakfast from Mcdonald’s, not the healthiest choice, but I was in a hurry and there’s not much around Cyberport. $18

1:15pm – Split a lunch set with my classmate, since the both of us are not that hungry, and the portion is quite big. $20

5:00pm – Convinced by my foodie classmate, and I went to this Chinese cultural (food) fair with my classmates after class. We shared so much food that I felt the urge to hit the gym right away.  $38

7:40pm – Supposed to go to the gym after all the snacks I had at the fair. The same girl who suggested the food fair convinced me to go to Harbour City with her (Why am I so easily convinced?!). We ended up having dinner at Pizza Express. $160

9:30pm – And of course we went for ice cream after dinner… Pretty sure my body is hating me right now. $20

Total: $298.2

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Travel expense: $36.3

12:30pm – Had lunch with the team, MEXICAN FOOD! Pretty sure the portion is not for one, cuz it’s freaking massive. Felt really bad leaving my food unfinished, but I am not risking my throat to down all those chips. (Spoiler alert: I did end up with a sore throat at the end of the week) $120

4:00pm- First day of my tutoring job at my alma mater. First thing I noticed when I walked in, the tuck shop. Tempted to grab some snacks, but I fought the urge.

6:40pm – Finally done with the tutoring , and I’ve once again proved to myself that I should not get into teaching/tutoring. I was so tired that I had to take a cab home and nap away. $28.4

8:30pm – Perks of having dinner at home, a balanced meal that doesn’t cost me a penny. And my dad is an amazing cook, I should stay home for dinner more often.

Total: $184.7


Travel Expense: $40.5

9:30am – Same breakfast from Mcdonald’s, cuz I went out in a rush again. $18

1:30pm – Didn’t have time to join my classmates for lunch, since I left cyberport at 12:45. I bought lunch from the school canteen, and made myself finish it in 10 minutes before the lecture.

4:30pm – Since all of us have midterm/ term paper due the next day, we all went home straight after class. I wanted to stay at the library to finish my paper, but I got this random headache so I decided to just go home.

5:00pm – Had a feeling that this headache might turn into something worse cuz my throat is starting to hurt. Got myself a bottle herbal tea, and some rice cakes to wash down the bitterness. $20

8:45pm – So the herbal tea didn’t work, and the headache turned into a fever. I had no appetite whatsoever for dinner. My bed is all I need tonight.

Total: $78.5


8:00pm – Got woken up by my dad, asking if I need to go to the doctor’s. My head’s burning up, and I can’t get myself up. So I guess that’s a Yes.

10:45 pm – Dragged myself to the clinic around the neighbourhood. Mom left me a 500$ note in my wallet, I’m glad she knows I need some help to pay the appointment. ($320)

12:00pm – Bought some yogurt for lunch. With that horrible sore throat and aching wisdom tooth, yogurt is the only thing that I feel like eating. $17

7:00pm – Dad came home from work and bought me congee. Chewing is still not an option.

Total: $17


Travel expense: $53.2

9:00am – Missed my alarm and woke up an hour later than I should. I’m blaming the medicine.

10:15 am – Didn’t have time to stop by the canteen since I’m already 10 minutes late for the lecture.

11:45am – Pretty much starving at this point, since the presentation lasted over an hour and got us all hangry and bored. I ran to the canteen during break and got myself a sandwich. $11

2:00pm – Booked a studio in Kennedy Town for a portrait shoot on Saturday, and I’m splitting the rental fee with my friends. $160

3:00pm – My friend decided to help me out with the tutoring thing, and we stopped by Admiralty to grab a quick lunch. $42

7:15pm – Meeting a friend from my previous part time job for dinner. She insisted to pay for the meal since she made me read and comment on her graduate thesis. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of her short stories.)

9:00pm – We both decided to go for coffee after that huge pizza we had. Since she already paid for dinner, coffee’s on me. $65

Total: 331.2


Travel expense: $48.4

8:00am – Dragged myself out of bed since I have to tutor at 8:30 today, my students want to start their rehearsal early. How did I manage to get up at 7am every day back in high school?!

8:30am – Had to take a shower to wake myself up, end up leaving the house at 8:30. So taxi it is.

12:00pm – Meeting up my friend in Admiralty. We grabbed a light lunch from Pret before we head to the studio. $28

3:30pm – Done with the shoot and we are all starving. We went to Simply Life cuz I was craving some soup and sandwich. $63

5:00pm – Totally ignoring the fact that I have to finish my term paper by Monday, and we went window shopping.

6:00pm – I’ve been wanting to find this blue striped button up Bethany Mota wore in her Instagram post. And guess what, I found a similar one in H&M’s men section, and it’s on sale. Of course I bought it….. $100

7:30pm – Decided to go home for dinner after such a long day, I just want to curl up on the couch and binge watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Total: $239.4


12pm – Finally I get to sleep in. Made myself brunch since I’ll be tutoring the drama group for the rest of the afternoon.

12:30pm – Went out and hopped on a taxi again. This has to stop. $28

6:00pm – It was raining cats and dogs outside. I swear this would be this last time I take a cab home this week. $28

6:15pm – Got home and dried myself up. I made some pasta, and started writing my essay.

Total: $56

Honestly, if I have to do this every day to track my expenses, pretty sure I’ll give up on the second week.

But with Neat, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. All my spendings will be tracked and categorized. Perfect!


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